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Offshore Software Development Playbook

This guide provides some key statistics and things to consider when making the determination of how to build or supplement your tech team.

Download this Guide to Get:

  • Top markets for offshoring
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Security FAQs to ask

Zibtek’s Software Development Comparison Guide

If you know you need software developed, but have no idea where to begin, you’ve found the perfect resource.

Download this Guide to Get:

  • Pros of each model
  • Cons of each model
  • Decision-making tips for your next project

Outsourced vs In-house Development e-Book

When it comes to software development there are several questions to be answered before your product is developed. For example, what’s the scope of your project? What features should you develop first? What developer skills will you need? Should you hire developers in-house or outsource them? All good questions.

This e-book addresses these questions to give you the ability to make educated decisions for your software development needs.

Pre-Implementation Guide

If you’re new to the startup space, you’re probably trying to figure out your next steps. This process can be daunting, particularly hiring a developer and finding the right technical co-founder. This Ebook will help you define exactly what you want to deliver before bringing in a developer.

Download this Guide to Get:

  • Tips on developing successful products
  • Pre-implmentation worksheets
  • 1 hour to discuss your idea