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Zibtek’s Track Record of Successful Scalable Software Development

Zibtek is more than a simple pass-through system for outsourcing your development needs. The connections and communication practices we bring to the table are a major asset to our clients, and they’re just the beginning. We also bring years of experience and expertise working with offshore developers in enterprise-level environments with time and performance-critical demands. […]

The Answer to Outsourcing Lags

A recent article in CIO suggests that the rapid changes in the IT space are making traditional outsourcing models unwieldy and that organizations will need to move to shorter contracts or limit their outsourcing in order to remain responsive. Although the IT and development worlds aren’t precisely aligned, a similar argument could be made that the […]

How Our Outsourcing Approach Helped Reshuffle QuotaDeck

At Zibtek, we’re all about doing outsourcing differently—and not just differently, but more efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly. We know how to use our long-term relationships with offshore developers and engineers along with executive-level US-based management and seamless coordination with your in-house team to make sure your project moves forward as planned and on budget.

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