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How Scrum Development Works

Individuality has significant value in the western world. We tend to view people’s greatest accomplishments as those that are most unique to their talents and abilities. When it comes to software, however, you need to adjust your views of what makes for a truly great accomplishment. Software, really great software that is, is far too […]

What Exactly Is Technical Product Management?

There is a vast difference between a technical product manager and just any product manager. Many are not aware of these differences. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of both roles can give you insight into the industry.   Product managers generally occupy different roles, such as strategic product manager and eCommerce or energy product manager.In […]

Customer Discovery Questions You Can Use To Validate Product Market Fit For Your Startup

Talking with customers from the initial phases of product development is essential. Yes, communication is the most powerful, informative and the cheapest tool.  Use it to validate the assumptions of the user segments and their problems. Conducting customer discovery interviews is crucial. You can use it to equip yourself with great insights. These interviews will […]

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