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What is a Minimum Desirable Product?

Using a data-informed process of developing a product means you won’t be building willy-nilly, but instead you methodically test the features of the product as you develop it. The million dollar question, however, is what exactly are you testing in your product? You must be building it to test the viability of the product. One […]

 7 Reasons Node.js Is the Best Choice For Web Application Development

It is interesting to note that most of the technology that enters the market with the most promise often suddenly disappears. People sometimes think a new technology is game-changing when they first hear about it, but then it fizzles. When it comes to Node.js, we venture to guess, this is not the case. An open […]

NodeJS Versus PHP For Server Side Development

Justifiably there is much debate with regards to the kind of tools that you can use to create the backend of a website or web app. Conventions have however made a fairly large shift with the increasing adoption of Node.JS, adding more fuel to an already expansive debate. Nowadays, you can use both Node.js and […]

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